PARENTS: If you have a graduating high school senior, we would love to recognize them at the end of the school year.

*** Please follow this link to submit the following info to Firehouse: Name, address, baby photo, graduating photo, name of high school, and college or other endeavor they are planning.***

We are excited about how God is growing our numbers here, which means we are in need of more good leaders.  If you are interested in helping please email Firehouse.FBCMI@gmail.com


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Student Life Bible Study


Here are two books that are recommended for your teenager:

From Answers in Genesis:

Evolution Exposed Book

Challenge the world’s thinking on origins!

A “survival guide” for biology class!

This one-of-a-kind book helps teens to discern the chronic bias towards belief in evolution that permeates today’s FOUR most popular high school biology textbooks. Virtually every chapter in each of the secular textbooks contains implied or explicit references to evolutionary beliefs, which are misrepresented as irrefutable facts. However, in Evolution Exposed: Biology these misrepresentations are cross-referenced with online articles and publications that provide both scientific and biblical answers. Key terms are defined, articles are summarized and false ideas are refuted.

Evolution Exposed: Biology is thoroughly indexed by topic so anyone can use it as a reference. Christian students are equipped and inspired to recognize and respectfully challenge evolutionary indoctrination (in class, research papers, and normal interactions outside of school). Using tables, web links, charts, and illustrations, documented facts that counter evolutionary teaching in a powerful and organized fashion are synchronized with each textbook’s sequence.

Why Do They Act That Way? Book

Why Do They Act That Way?

This book is NOT written from a Christian perspective, but does provide valuable insight into the teenage brain.  Click HERE for a review of this book.

Here is a daily devotional resource for teens:

Our Journey Daily Devotional

Our Journey: A Daily Walk in the Word

Get spiritual strength and direction every day from the Bible teachers you love and respect. Each day's devotional includes Bible reading, Biblical challenge, application helps, and journal prompts!

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